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Dear Boys Market,

THANK YOU. Your on-going support means a lot to us. By contributing to our Loxahatchee Sierra Club you support our community outreach programs staffed by volunteers.

Your support makes you an important part of our work to promote the enjoyment of nature, protect wilderness and wildlife, and to improve the quality of life in our cities. I especially appreciate your continued support. The Boys is always a huge highlight of the food provided. Lots of compliments on it. We shared your logo and menus for bambini’s with part attendees.


Fund Raising Committee Sierra Club Loxahatchee Group

The Boys blew us away! We received a Jumbo fruit platter for the Glantz ECLC Preschool Graduation reception. Our jumbo fruit platter was unbelievably generously portioned — overflowing with absolutely beautiful, incredibly delicious and perfectly fresh fruit. I literally had guests coming up to me to rave about the sweetness and quality (especially the pineapple)! The Boys is my new favorite for a superior product and great service. I would certainly purchase again and will always recommend!

5 Stars
By Ava Epstein, Graduation Committee Chair